Crystal Long is Jalanis.
Los Angeles Creative. was created to showcase Crystal's best work. 
Her blog is intended as a space to share current projects and provide a more personal look into her life.

Crystal started her make-up journey in 2011, in Theatre Arts. While she worked and keyed many productions, she built her makeup portfolio working closely with Brooks Institute students. She began doing makeup professionally in 2013. Her first introduction to productions was at a film  studio where she was not only an in-house artist, but also art director and studio manager. In 2017 she helped create and launch Blusher, a viral beauty page with a total of 230M views and 2.5 million 'likes' in 6 months. She now freelances full time.

 Her diverse background and appreciation for the arts and the industry has lead to other ventures such as art direction and photography. Though makeup is her passion, she is constantly experimenting with new outlets such as calligraphy, hand-lettering and painting. 

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The Woo Agency
- Freelance Makeup Artist

Lish Creative
- Freelance Makeup Artist

             - 2018 No Season Campaign
             - No Season Presentation NYFW 2018
             - e-commerce & web-editorial 

Milani Cosmetics
                -  Makeup Artist for 2018/2019 Visuals and Campaign
                -  Makeup Artist for 2018 Spring Campaign
                -  Makeup Artist and Hair for 2017 Social Media

Sebastian Professional  
                - Key Makeup Artist for Tutorials 2018
                - Makeup Artist for Social Media Commercials 2018
                - Makeup Artist for 'Grease x ULTA' Visuals 2018

Yesto Carrots
                - Digital Media  2018

 Barton Perreira 
                - Makeup Artist & Hair for 2017 Fall/Winter Campaign
               - Makeup Artist & Hair for  2018 Spring/Summer Campaign

                - Makeup Artist and Hair for 2018/2019
                  Campaign and Photoshoots
                - Key Makeup for Photo Campaign 2018
                - Key Makeup for Motorola Z Commercials
               - Key Makeup for Nioxin Hair Hacks 2018

             - Hair and Makeup

                - Grooming for Spring 2018 Campaign 

Advertising Images for
                 - Slow and Low Whiskey

                -Hair and Makeup For 2016 'Back to School' Campaign

Celebrity Work:
Tori Spelling x SebastianPRO  x Grease anniversary 2018
George Takei  - KoreAsian Media 2017
Ming Na-Wen - Kore Asian Media 2017
Eugene Lee Yang -KoreAsian Media 2017
Samara Weaving
Lauren Giraldo
Fresh Off The Boat - Kids Cast for promo images

Various Catalogue / E-commerce / web editorials

GS Love / GStage
Coalition LA
Motion by Coalition
Coalition LA x PETA
KanCan Denim
Pistola Denim
Dee Elle / 4Sienna
Mayarya Maternity
UNI/FORM FW Campaign & catalogue
Old Navy - Social Media stories

Makeup Assistant  
      - Mad Decent Billboard Campaign 


(Behind the Scenes with Milani Cosmetics and The Woo)

(Ziran 2018 No Seasons campaign)