Nike React

Im so excited to share the new Nike React Campaign featuring some of LA’s go-getters.
This project was a dream to work on, and i could not be more thankful to have worked with an amazing team.

shout out to Alex Tan for bringing me on :)
and shout out to Matte Black :)

my palm tattoo

all about my palm tattoos


I’ve been wanting to talk about my tattoos for a minute - Ive been working on a video for a minute.
Take a look and let me know what you think :)

I had my palms tattooed about a year ago, March 3rd 2018 to be exact. . After a long process of finding the right artist, im so happy to have Mark Walker tattoo me. Ive been following his for for a long time, you should too! Check out his work here
I have the 3 of Swords on my left hand, and a rose on my right. The 3 of swords is a tarot card, and if youre interested about the meaning, do a quick google search :). The 3 of swords really spoke to me and always stood out. It holds significant meaning to me and continues to be relevant as time goes on.

Fresh + 2 days later + 11 months

Makeup Details:

Melt Cosmetics ‘Dark Matter’ stack
NYX Liquid Liner

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Dip Brow’ - light brown

Smashbox Lipstick + Fenty Gloss Bomb

Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Primer
Nars Tinted Moisturizer
IT Cosmetics ‘Bye Bye Under Eye’
Milani Cosmetics Foundation Powder
Milani Cosmetics Bronzer
Wander Beauty cream Highlighter + NYX pigments

Heres some cool 3 of swords tarot art i found.


Elisabeth Weinstock

New campaign for Elisabeth Weinstock

We love an all girl power-house team.
BTS and makeup photos at the bottom of the post :)

Photo: Kiyana Tehrani
Model: Aleksandra
Stylist: Ami Lasser


new video | reintroduction

I have such a love hate relationship with making videos.
2017 I was super motivated to making beauty videos. Shortly after i was picked up by first media and created Blusher, which ended up being the worst decision I ever made.. I continued to make videos into this year. But I lost my love and motivation for it.
But i’ve thought about creating videos constantly…

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I dont want to do beauty videos anymore. I just don’t think they are my thing. But i do really enjoy vlogging, filming and editing in general.

So Ive decided to start making videos again, but differently this time.
Shout out to Roxanne for motivating me. We agreed to try and put out a video once a month.

Here is my reintroduction.
Let me know what you think in the comments?