Hi everyone <3
Im hoping my blog content will pick back up, im finally feeling a little settled into my new job. (Though i dont think I will ever be well adjusted to the 9-5 life hahaha.)

As you may have seen on all of my social media, Blusher has officially launched!
I'm so excited to share with you what i have been up to. This is vastly different from my usual sort of thing, but it been humbling and a good chance for me to learn something new.
I couldnt have done it with out the Blusher team, shout out to Sara & Faye!

We hit over 5 million views within 24 hours. 4 days in and we are at 19 million. I am floored.
If you want to keep up with me and the Blusher team 'like' our page here
Anyways, check out our first video <3

Shot & Edited by Sara Smitty

Rose Garden

Took a few photos with my friend Allegra in one of my favorite places in La, the USC Rose Gardens. I love spending time here, its pretty close to dtla, and gives me a little break from the hectic city. Dont get me wrong, I love downtown, but sometimes its nice to just slow down and take my usually routine eles where. I often bring books or a small watercolor set up, its hard not to be inspired by the different colors and blooms & gardens have to offer.
I try to surround my self with flowers as often as I can. (I keep my loft filled with fresh blooms from my weekly trips to the flower market) And the rose gardens is one of those gems i frequent as often as I can.

On this day Allegra and I went down to catch the beautiful morning light and strolled around the roses for awhile before deciding to take some of my favorite photos. Makeup & Outfit photos at the bottom of this post. 
More about me here

I basically live in this body suit. Body suit by America Apparel, pants are old ass BDG Urban Outfitters. My belt is my moms from forever ago. My body chain & necklaces are from various stores in the alley, and forever 21.

Makeup Details:
Skin- IT cosmetics CC+ Cream, Hourglass Cosmetics ambient light powder & Blush.
 Milani Contour & Highlight Stick and a Milani pressed strobing powder.
Eyebrows are Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow.
Eyes are Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet.
Lashes are Ardell
Lips: NYX lip pencil in dark brown, and aNYX butter Gloss

Check out Allegra's work here! <3


Weekly Glam

My weekly glam section of my blog might be coming to pause for a little while.

I don't think i've announced this on my website yet, but im now working full time as the
in-house beauty prouder for First Media. So while I am still taking on private clients, and still shooting, my schedule is extremely limited. I imagine once i'm settled into this new job, ill be able to think a little straighter and plan a little better.

Adjusting to this new life has been rather difficult on me. Im such a free spirit and freelancer at heart. But if there is one thing ive learned from this industry is when opportunity comes knocking, you better answer.  

If you wanna see more Before & Afters  and more Weekly Glams click here



Why did I never post these photos?
My favorite duo to work with Sammy & Lyn killlling it

Photo: Sammy // @ svanh
Lyn // @gishagrl


I spent Easter Sunday shooting at the Santa Monica Boardwalk soaking up the sun.
For her make-up I used a mix of BenNye blush and Sugarpill pinks for that pop of pink. I went over it with a Wet n Wild clear Gloss. Skin is MUFE ultra HD foundation, I also used Milani Cosmetics for that highlight. Her lips are a NYX pencil and NYX butter gloss.

*Fun fact, Angel and i have known each other for hella years. We've worked with allot of the same photographers through out our careers, crossed paths during shoots and were extras in a Chris Brown & T-Pain music video.

Photographer: Kristin Anne // @itskeeerstin
Model: Angel // @angelmydarling
Styling: Avery Ashmore // @AverySay


Already spending hella time at the beach, and keepin real busy with makeup and artsy things. 
Took some cool photos with Peoneemoull when we were checking out Venice Beach. I kept my makeup super minimal and opted for warm bronze colors.
More about me here, and YouTube.

For this look I used Smashbox Photo Ready primer,  It fills in pores and gives my skin a soft defused look. Then I used my go-to IT Cosmetics CC+ cream in "medium" This just helps with evening out my skin tone and gives a nice radiant glow all by itself. And IT Cosmetics, 'bye bye undereye' concealer, MY FAVORITE conceler in terms of coverage and blendbility. I of course contoured, using a SmashBox Cosmetics contour stick, and highlighted with a cream highlight from Milani Cosmetics. Then set my face with NYX Dewy spray and a light translucent powder to set my undereye. I then used a powder contour, "Bahama Mama" by The Balm Cosmetics. And highlighted my face with Artiste Couture Diamond Glow Powder.
Eyebrows are 'Anastasia BeverlyHills Dipbrow, and my eyes are primed with a NYX eyeshadow primer. I used my Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter stack, like always lol.And Dose of Color double dose lashes :)
For lips, i threw on a NYX butter gloss.




Wolven into You

Cool story up at Sticks & Stones Agency
Cool little fashion video at the bottom of this post!



This shoot has been a long time coming. So stoked with how the images turned out, and it was so worth braving the windy Venice beach. lil bts video at the bottom of this post, I even put my hand-lettering skills to use for the opening title of the video. Check it

Photographer: Cory Hackbarth // @cory_hack
Model: Colette LaPorte // @colettelaporta
Styling: Jessie Jamz // @JessieJamz
Video: Ryan Hackbarth // @rhack
H/MUA by meeeeeeee


Quick lil test with Lauren when Peoneemoull was in town!
Makeup details at the bottom of the post!

Makeup Details:

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation
Milani Cosmetics Concelour
HourGlass Cosmetics Ambient Light powder
The Balm Cosmetics Bahama Mama
Milani Cosmetics Baked bronzer
Hightlight: Artiste Cotoure Diamond Glow Powder

Eyes: SmashBox Cosmetics pallet
Lips NYX nutmeg lip pencil + NYX ButterGloss in 'Fortune Cookie'

Photographer: Peoneemoull // @PeoneemoullPech
Model: Lauren Giraldo // @laurenGiraldo

Weekly Glam

Check out all these babes i got to do makeup one *heart eyes*

See more: Before & Afters


Hi guys, I've been really bad about updating my blog and social media in general. I've been keeping really, and I have a ton of things I want to share with you.  

As you may or may not know, but this year i've made art a priority in my life again. I practice calligraphy and hand lettering almost everyday. I also go to a life drawing class once a week with a friend. It. is. awesome.
Ive also been working allot with my good friend Kendra over at Painted Cannabis. She letting me help with creative direction and taking photos for her company (published in Herb Magazine). 
Last year I felt so uninspired, and just so bland about my work, and the direction my career was going, i felt like i was wasting my own time.  So no im choosing to focus on art.

Im so excited to share this collaborative project with you. Its been a long time coming. Sam and I have been talking about doing some weird shit like this for months. The universe finally aligned and we got super down and dirty on a sunday.  This is going to be an ongoing project between her and I, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Here are some cool portraits she took of me, i painted onto some glass..and it was kinda magic.


Some new images up on Girl Magazine
This shoot was so much fun! we shot 12 looks you guys, 12 LOOKS. like wut.
Anyways enjoy <3

Photography:  Lauren Kai // @L.kq
Model: Lyena Kang // @KitsuneGhost
Styling:  @Michelle Chan // @michelleechan__
hair and makeup by me :)

Weekly Glam

Hi all!

I have some cool Before & Afters in this post.
I will have a V-log up on youtube with some sweet behind the scenes from a few shoots today as well. I have been so crazy busy, its been great, but i havent really had time to sit down and work on my blog or my website, or my youtube channel. I honestly just love sleeping way too much. But im gonna keep grinding them out!

anyways, here is a link to more Before & After makeups, if you are so inclined.



See what i did there? ;)

This shoot was awesome, we got up super early to catch the sunrise. Allegra bought a TON of lady bugs, (i think she said 500) and we covered Lizzie in them. She was so down and dint flinch at all. I hated the feeling of them crawling over me and i swear i felt them all day.
Im in love with this graphic red eyeliner, and if you scroll down a bit on my blog you can see unedited photos of the makeup i did on her.
I also posted this photo in IG today and got 1.7k likes on it? Considering my photos average about 200, im pretty stoked. Im just excited about it.
*I used the MUFE Flash Pallet and a steady hand to get the eyeliner just perfect

Photography: Allergra Messina // @MessinaPhotos
Model: Lizzie Gunst // @LizzieGuns
Styling: Casey Hinders // @CaseyHinders
Hair & Makeup by me :)

Conclusion of a Heart Race

I love doing these kinds of photoshoots. I feel like i struggle allot with being creative and 'coloring outside the lines' but im pretty pleased with this makeup. It took us 3 tries to get that read smear on the helmet LOL.  I will have a BTS video up on my youtube next week... I just wanted to share these photos right now, because im soo happy with them, and I cant wait that long. 
Ive also had a super rough week, but these photos are one of my highlights.

This photo set was shot exclusively on film.

Photo: Rizaldy // @rizaldy.jr
Model: Lyena Kang // @kitsuneghost
Designer: 13 // @thir13_