I remember doing this makeup and thinking 'This is the best makeup i've ever done'. ;)
Could not be more excited to share these images with you guys! 

-Prep: Milani Prime Light Primer
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation mixed with the Milani Primer
Milani Baked Bronzer
Artiste Couture Diamond Glow Powder
Nars Blush
Milani Prep Set and Glow powder
Milani Make It Dewy setting spray

NYX lip pencil dark brown
NYX Butter Gloss 'fortune cookie'

Blue Details: NYX Lipstick, NYX Colored Mascara

Photography: Kirstin Anne / @itskeeerstin
Model: Deja Monet / @dmonxo


I just realized i never posted these photos! 
Theyre some of my favorites from this year.

photography: Zach Fernandez // @zachfernandez_
Model: Morgan // @noturcrush @photogenicsla


Some new work with my girl Lauren.

Photo: Lauren Kai // @l.kq
Model: Yoeil
Styling: Marissa

Toksick Magazine // Keanna

Here is our newest editorial in Toksick magazine.
Sam and i have been wanting to shoot this idea FOREVER.  We had a great team and the images came out so dope. Im so excited to finally share this shoot with you, theres a video counter part at the bottom of this post. 

Photography & Director: Sam Hodges // @SamHodgesPhoto
Videographer: Ryan Hackbarth // @rhack
Model: Keanna Schultz // @keanna64
Styling: Aaron Lopez // @aarkive

Weekly Glam

Hope your week is going well! 
If you want to see more weekly glams, before and after, click here

the bat cave

This shoot was a dream
Honestly shooting in this space was surreal, you could feel the creative energy flowing from the ground up. You might recognize this space from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, various music videos and most recently, a campaign with Adidas. 
I met up with Max, Chloe and Emma. I know each of these three creative people through different past projects, so it was cool shooting with them and doing something this wild! The photos are super serious, but I promise you we were laughing most of the evening. 



Photos: Max Thompson
Models: Chloe and Emma Bella

New York // Ziran

Hi! It has taken me so long to put this up. BUT im so excited to finally share with you the photos from my New York trip. I took my little Olympus point and shoot, and ryan took his cannon AE1. We shot 35mm the whole time.


As some of you may know, at the beginning of February, Ziran flew me out to NY for their
No Seasons launch and presentation.  Ive been working allot with Ziran this year, I kicked off 2018 with their No Season Campaign. I'm very appreciative of  Kelly for making me feel like im part of the team, and bringing me with her to NY. I'm so excited for her and her brand, 2018 is going to be their year. 
This past summer Ryan went with Kelly and Ziran to China to film a documentary about the brand. They officially released the at the launch party.  It was really cool being there for Ryan on his big debut!  
I will Include links to alll of what i just mentioned, if you are so interested!

 we're matching :)

we're matching :)

It was a really short trip. We were there for less then a week, and we made the most of it. Thursday (the day we flew back home) we woke up at 6am to catch a farey to DUMBO. We wanted to catch the morning light and enjoy our last few hours in NY. The Manhattan Bridge was UNREAL. Ive never seen anything like it. I think it took like 15 photos of the bridge alone. We got some coffee and breakfast to warm ourselves up, and headed back to the hotel.
Its funny because even thought Thursday was our last day, we did more on that day then any other day. 

Some more photos from our trip.

Watch Ryans film: HERE
Check out Ziran: HERE


For this shoot I wanted to focus on color. I never get to play with cool crazy colors. I also wanted to focus on lashes. I think lashes are going to have a moment this year. 



Photo: Lauren Kai
Model: Yulia
Makeup by me:)