Weekly Glam

Finally getting my blog in order. Enjoy this weeks weekly glam.


I have not forgotten about this blog!  Its only been two weeks, and it feels like way too long to go with out posting.
Ya girl has been hustling hard. Ive been shooting almost everyday, and when im not shooting i'm recording videos in preparation for my youtube re-launch. (
Its been a rough few days, and im starting to feel a little sick. I think it may be a mix of exhaustion and allergies tbh. I worked a few 12+ hour days in a row, so the next two days I will be catching up on rest and packing for New York. 
In the mean time, here are photo from a recent shoot with Renuka. You may have seen it in the December 2017 issue of Lucy magazine. Im so happy to have caught her on her trip to Ca <3


Hey guys, This year I really want to challenge myself and grow as an artist. As some of you know ive been dabbling in art direction. Im so grateful to have already worked on some big projects with amazing teams (that I cant wait to share). 
Ive been trying my hand at photography.  Im definitely such a newb, but my thought process is to round out my limited knowledge so I can better communicate with my team.
Im so lucky to have talented and patient friends that let me try things like this with them. :) Heres some photos I took of my girl Natalya. You probably recognize her because shes been in makeup portfolio since I first started doing makeup 5 years ago. 
Its a mix of 35mm and digital. :)


Happy New Years! I hope you all are having a productive first week of the year. Ive been super busy right off the bat. I hope it sets the pace for the rest of the year. :)

Im walking into 2018 with a fresh publication from elegant magazine.  Check it out :)
I also did art direction for this shoot, which is something ive been heavily focusing on the last few months.

Photography: Sam Hodges // @samhodgesphoto
Styling: Aaron Lopez // @aarkive
Model: Kevin // @_yngwlf

Shadows // 2017 reviewed

Hi, its 70º here in LA, and im ending my year at the beach. I love Southern California. 
Makeup detail at the bottom of the post <3


Though we still have two more weeks of the year. I'm so ready for 2018, with high expectations and a ton of ambition. (A high contrast to last year).  2017, for me, was a roller coster. With allot of ups and a few, very low, downs.  I feel like I've learned a lot about my limits, my self-worth and focused on refining myself. 

Some big milestones this year:
At the start of this year I made it my resolution to do more art. I was feeling really burnt out on makeup, and overall dissatisfied with my work. I realized makeup was my life. It was my passion, my hobby, my job. So I decided to make time for making art. I've always been interested in calligraphy and typography, so everyday (with a few exceptions) I sit down and practice lettering. It was probably one of the most satisfying things I've done all year. I even featured my work in an art show. :)
I started a youtube channel which lead to a job creating a 'viral' beauty page. Making a youtube was scary enough and a huge accomplishment for me.
I went on my first real vacation to Hawaii!!! probably one of the coolest things I did was swimming for turtles.

We've had alot of tragedy this year as well, Ive had friends and family directly effected by the Las Vegas shooting and the Thomas fires (still raging). But I am glad we are all still safe and well. I  hope the new year is good to me and all of you. 

Tell me about something amazing that happened to you this year <3

Outfit details:
Jacket- thrifted from this sick store in Ventura. Dress - Forever 21, i love it. I own two. Shoes from a store in the Santee Alley. Sunglasses- Raen

Makeup: Fenty Beauty Pro Filter primer & Foundation. Milani Cosmetics Contour & highlight stick. Set with the Milani Prep-set-glow powder. Highlight is Artiste Couture in 'Illuminati".  Eyes- I used the Naked 3 pallet. NYX liquid eyeliner. Lips are Tarte lipstick. Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

Not sorry about the photo overload, I just love them so much. Thanks so much Ryan!!
See his work here: Ryan Hackbarth  // @rhack


Weekly Glam

Hi! Hope you are having a good week!
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GS Love

Ive been doing allot of work with GSLove recently. I honestly love doing catalogue lol.
Here are a few from the past couple weeks. :)
The make-up on these girls is always really fun, hella glam makeup. Its not something i get to do very often. I do both hair and makeup on these ladies. 

LUCY'S // webtorial

This gorgeous shoot with Renuka is published in Lucys Magazine right now. 

Photo: Renuka // @renukaretnaswamy
Models: Mafalda & Anna w/ Next Models




Sam and I have been experimenting with beauty shots. 
I love how sam puts her own twists on these ideas. And I could not be more pleased with how these images came out.
We did several looks this day, and by the end of it she was like "Can we cover her in glitter?" ...
I feel like ive been waiting my whole life to hear those words. Check out the rest of the images below.
And check Sam's work @SamHodgesPhoto // www.samhodgesphoto.com

Weekly Glam

Im headed off to Hawaii in a few days for a much need vacation! 
I have a few things qued up on my blog so i will still be posting regularly <3
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Beauty Mute

Ugh this has been sitting as a draft for weeks!
Anyways new beauty story out in Beauty Mute Mag

Photo: Allegra Messina // @messinaphotos
Model: Ashleigh // @ Aslayy
Styling: Emma Connelly // @2damnpale

that new new

I am officially back to freelancing!!! And I could not be happier!!
I learned allot the last few months, about myself and my work ethic. I stayed because I believed in it. But in retrospect, it wasnt worth it. The toxicity of that place and their lack of "culture" really did a number on me, both mentally and physically. Always put yourself and your happiness first! You deserve it. <3 The best thing to come from that job was the few solid friends I made, who I now create meaningful art with. And a bitchen skin care routine....seriously my skin has never looked so good. ;)

It has taken me awhile to announce it, because it honestly took me awhile to shed that negativity. Im back on my grind, loving every second of it. With a new found sense of purpose and knowledge, YA GIRL IS BACK.

Im trying to find the time to shoot more personal content like this. I want to share my favorite new beauty products, my first impressions of makeup,  and makeup looks.  I want to work on turning this blog into a sick beauty blog. Ill still be featuring weekly glams, and photoshoots that im working on. 
Ive been feeling really adventurous with my makeup and style  recently, and as I experiment with my over all look, id love to share them here. 

I also would love to hear from you! What do you want to see more of? As a beauty professional, im happy to pass down tips and tricks that ive picked up through out the years. My comment section on each post is always open!

Im not over the Fenty hype. Im wearing the Pro Filt'r primer and foundation. Also Trophy wife is the only highlighter that I wear now a days. Im also wearing Milani Cosmetics Contour stick and lipstick. 

I thrifted half this outfit. The only thing not thrifted is the body suit from a random shop in the Santee Alley. 

Thank you so much Kiyana for hanging, and taking these rad photos!
Take a look at her work kiyanatehrani.com  & on instagram @Kiyanatehrani


I know that Halloween is over, but i wanted to share the images from my recent shoot with Milani Cosmetics. 


Behind the scenes, friends and blurry photographs.
This sums up the end of summer for me. 


Joshua Tree Shoot October 2017 ( See photos from the shoot HERE )

bbq, impromptu shoot and a quick beach trip to watch the sunrise. September 2017

Santa Cruz / Malibu October 2017

A few of my favorite people 

A heat wave in the middle of October 

Weekly Glam

I've got quiet a few for you this week :)

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We left LA at 3am. Our car loaded with gear, snacks, Haole (the dog) and 4 very sleepy people. This was a half-kinda-sorta impromptu photoshoot. Maya and i knew we were going to the desert, but everything eles kinda fell into place. We somehow convinced our friend, who is a very talented actor and model, to get up at 2:30am and adventure with us to Joshua Tree. Our other friend Chris was visiting us in town, and managed to get him to come with us and shoot video of this little trip. 
Not only did we shoot a million looks, but we checked out allot of cool hiking trails and drove down sketchy dirt roads. It was perfection.  

Photo: Maya Sacks
Model: Sierra Barter
BTS video coming soon