Im so excited to share these images!! This is the exclusive beauty story that Grace and I created for Volume 2 of Coyote + Oak Magazine. There are still printed copies available at: www.coyoteandoak.com 
I was wanting to try my hand at creative directing and create a beauty story full of color, glowing skin and lots of blush. Grace and I have been working together for years and we honestly make such a great team. And thank you to Alli for picking up this story when all we wanted to do was throw flowers on our models.  
Prepping for this shoot was a dream, as i'm such a sucker for fresh blooms. We shot this towards the end of April, right as some of my favorite flowers were in season. 
I dragged my brother down really early in the morning to the LA Flower Market and made a whole day of it. I try to visit the flower market weekly, I absolutely love having fresh flowers in my apartment. 

Anyways, im so so excited to finally share these photos, and i hope you love them as much as i do <3 I have my comment section open below, so let me know what your favorite flowers are so i can look for them. :)

Photographer:  Grace Kathryn // @GraceKathryn
Hair & Nails: Xochilt Stoke // @Miss_Sake_bomb
Models: Suz Del Mar // @theHolisticLove
              + Natalya Marie // @Whatever_mom
Thank you Coyote + Oak // @CoyoteandOak