Thank you all for the love and support I received on my last post <3. And i will fix the comment section as soon as i figure out how to do that.
Its been a very busy week for me, if you follow me on snapchat or Instagram then you saw a little bit of what ive been up to. But for a more in-depth look into my exploits, ive been working on a vlog! Ill hopefully have some more information about that next week. 

But first, here are so gorgeous images from my shoot with Faith, as seen in Jute Magazine. 
Makeup Details at the bottom of the post!

Makeup used: Blue on the eyes are a mix of "Mochi" & "After Party", by Sugar Pill Cosmetics. 

Photography: Lauren Kia // @l.kq
Model: Faith Picozzi // @FaithPicozzi w/ Nous Models
Styling by Sondra Choi // @Supsonn
H/MUA by me :)))