Let me just start off by saying that I love Valentines Day. Heart shaped everything, flowers, pink and red everywhere!! Its so kitschy and cheesy and cute, and I love it. My excitement doesnt have anything to do with having a valentine, just the overall cuteness of February 14.

Anyways... Last week I went on a shoot with my friend Will. Will and i have been friends for a few years (I used to model for his school projects back in college, before I decided to become a make-up artist). I show up to the shoot early so we can catch up and chill before the day gets started.  Right as the call time rolls around we start getting texts messages from the model, giving us every excuse in the book as to why shes going to be 1-2 hours late.Then just stops replying all together. Bummer.  Soo, instead we decided to snap a few photos in an attempt to still be productive. 

I personally didnt have intentions to share these photos. Considering that im not trying to be a model, and that im in my underwear. I would have been more down to post these back when i was 19 and doing this sort of thing all the time. I think i was allot more ballsy back then too. 
But i got my start in makeup from being in front of the camera, i worked as a pose coach and art director for a few years for a great studio.
I thought you know, Valentines Day, Boudoir....It kinda goes hand in hand? And Will did such an awesome job on these photos i have to post them. 
Will Navarro Photography // @FotoWill

*Makeup details at the bottom if youre interested*

I wasn't planning on shooting, so my makeup is pretty basic:
Foundation: IT Cosmetics CC Cream
I contoured using a Smashbox Cosmetics contour stick. A cream highlight by Milani Cosmetics.
Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills, dip-brow in chocolate.
NYX liquid eyeliner, NYX LipLiner, and NYX Buttergloss in Fortune Cookie.