See what i did there? ;)

This shoot was awesome, we got up super early to catch the sunrise. Allegra bought a TON of lady bugs, (i think she said 500) and we covered Lizzie in them. She was so down and dint flinch at all. I hated the feeling of them crawling over me and i swear i felt them all day.
Im in love with this graphic red eyeliner, and if you scroll down a bit on my blog you can see unedited photos of the makeup i did on her.
I also posted this photo in IG today and got 1.7k likes on it? Considering my photos average about 200, im pretty stoked. Im just excited about it.
*I used the MUFE Flash Pallet and a steady hand to get the eyeliner just perfect

Photography: Allergra Messina // @MessinaPhotos
Model: Lizzie Gunst // @LizzieGuns
Styling: Casey Hinders // @CaseyHinders
Hair & Makeup by me :)