Hi guys, I've been really bad about updating my blog and social media in general. I've been keeping really, and I have a ton of things I want to share with you.  

As you may or may not know, but this year i've made art a priority in my life again. I practice calligraphy and hand lettering almost everyday. I also go to a life drawing class once a week with a friend. It. is. awesome.
Ive also been working allot with my good friend Kendra over at Painted Cannabis. She letting me help with creative direction and taking photos for her company (published in Herb Magazine). 
Last year I felt so uninspired, and just so bland about my work, and the direction my career was going, i felt like i was wasting my own time.  So no im choosing to focus on art.

Im so excited to share this collaborative project with you. Its been a long time coming. Sam and I have been talking about doing some weird shit like this for months. The universe finally aligned and we got super down and dirty on a sunday.  This is going to be an ongoing project between her and I, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Here are some cool portraits she took of me, i painted onto some glass..and it was kinda magic.