I like how I think I have time for all these side hustles. lol.
Between calligraphy, handlettering, working on art, and now youtube, its kinda amazing I still sleep as much as I do.

This whole thing has been a huge learning experience for me. Considering I have no idea about shooting or editing videos. This video was really difficult for me, I ran into a lot of technical difficulties but the pay off is well worth it! 
Also the amount of love and support ive gotten from the few people ive been sharing this experience with, is incredible. 
Since ive started YouTube i've been more adventurous with my makeup, which is pretty exciting for me, because i usually go for the natural makeup look, or a solid cat eye..

One of the reasons I started doing all these side projects is because I feel like I hit a creative wall. So I started to spend my time doing other creative things and making art and creativity a priority again. I try to spend my time doing calligraphy or doodling or reading, or shooting for myself, instead of looking at memes or watching netflix. (lol)
Im feeling pretty good about myself and my art. Im so happy to share it with you <3


Huge thank you to Mary for filming this video and motivating me to stay on top of this new adventure!

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