no seasons // 2018

Dannng. I cant believe i never posted this! It has been sitting in my drafts for months.
Oh i just remembered, I was waiting for the video that went along with it, but the videographer never followed through..

behind the scenes photos i took.
35mm shot on a Olympus

Here is a look into Zirans ‘no season’ campaign. Ziran is one of my favorite brands to work with. They are a Sustainable silk line based in Los Angeles. With beautiful pieces, jackets, pants, dresses, shirts and acessories. They have an amazing story and message behind their brand; Ziran is about sustainability and reintroducing slow-fashion back into our wardrobe.

They also flew me out with NY with them last year so that was cool. :)
Be sure to check them out.

Our AW18 range titled "No Seasons" plays with themes of global warming and it's effect on our future.

Photography: Natalia Mantini

Model: Jordan Sannicks / Sarah Abney
Styling: Kelly of Ziran