Hot Cheetos Make-up

“Im trying to be serious… but im holding a bag of hot cheetos” -me


whats up everybody welcome BACK to my channel, Hi how are ya?

In all seriousness, I filmed this video back in December 2017, so do not DRAG ME.
I have this bad habit of holding on to content- I used to be super serious about my social media game, the numbers were v important to me, and i overthought the way i put out content. If you take a scroll through my IG (@ewwjalanis) you can see my feed is color coordinated and very curated, and basically a glorified portfolio (which isnt a bad thing) with no personality what so ever.

I wasnt even sure if i was going to share this video. I was waiting untill my IG feed reached another yellow block, but as time went on, my feelings towards beauty videos and the industry had shifted. Last year i was super motivated and making video content all the time. All the while my actual makeup career being the busiest ive ever been; traveling to NY, picking up my biggest clients, transitioning from print to film etc. And ya girl experienced a bit of burn out, and frankly, it took me months to get over it.

But you know, ive always been proud of this video, it was allot of fun to make. so f*ck it??? lol.
I reedited the colors on the videos and re-edited the photo assets. It was cool to see that my skills over a year have really improved. haha.
I hope yall enjoy this lil video i made. I really don’t see myself making beauty videos again in the future, at least not like this.

Thanks for sticking by this little tangent. I hope you all love this video. Ive probably hyped it up to myself allot over the past year. But regardless, im happy we are here - together.
Show some love, leave some comments, lemme know what you think.