Laloved Magazine

Its been a crazy week, and i have a crazier week ahead.
I wanted to share these images before I leave town for a few days.

Photographer: Asher Moss // @basementfox
Models: Gillian, Christopher, Becca
Hairstyling: Marley & Toni BUrns
Womens styling: Lyn Hersh
Mens Styling: Eli
Makeup by me :)

Slow & Low

If you have the chance to view this on a computer or off mobile, i suggest you do so. I organized the photos in threes, and mobile only shows two at a time. 

Anyways, this shoot was so much fun. Hope you like it

Photographer: Asher Moss // @BasementFox
Models:  @jaygrayy21 // @Emalabowe // @ulisessouto
For Slow & Low
Hair/makeup by me :))