Hope you had a good Christmas :)
I had a relatively small christmas with family and celebrated my brothers birthday too. Pretty chill way to end off the year.

Check out this dreamy set with my two favorites Maya & Natayla.
The thee of us had a free day so we decided to make something happen. Not too bad for a last minute photoshoot. We shot in my apartment and used some clothes i’ve been holding on to for ever. We kinda made something out of nothing . After the shoot Aaron took us to the best pho spot ever. So you could say it was a pretty good day.
Makeup & outfit details at the bottom of the post ;)
Hair, Makeup and Styling by me.

@mqsphotography | @natalya.irl

Believe it or not, but these outfit are 100% thrifted and from my own closet.
I absolutely love to thrift and i collect pieces that i think would photograph well.
I did get the earings from H&M


Made magic with some of my favorite people:
Photo:  Maya Sacks / @mqsphotography
Model: Natayla // @natalya.irl
Styling: Aaron Lopez // @aarkive



We left LA at 3am. Our car loaded with gear, snacks, Haole (the dog) and 4 very sleepy people. This was a half-kinda-sorta impromptu photoshoot. Maya and i knew we were going to the desert, but everything eles kinda fell into place. We somehow convinced our friend, who is a very talented actor and model, to get up at 2:30am and adventure with us to Joshua Tree. Our other friend Chris was visiting us in town, and managed to get him to come with us and shoot video of this little trip. 
Not only did we shoot a million looks, but we checked out allot of cool hiking trails and drove down sketchy dirt roads. It was perfection.  

Photo: Maya Sacks
Model: Sierra Barter
BTS video coming soon


I actually have a quite a few projects to share with you<3
Photos from my evening with Maya and Kate, It was a super fun and perfect summer shoot. We ended the day with churros.

Photos: Maya Sacks // @mqsphotography
Model: Kate // @Kate_of_weho
Makeup & Styling by meeeee