Nike - Bretman rock

Trying to be consistent with uploading new work. The amount of things is overwhelming lol.

Anyways i have a bunch of new stuff with Nike, so im going to be posting a bunch from that project.


Up first is Bretman Rock.
Bretman is a beauty influencer, i was v intimidated to his makeup… i mean, he beats his face for a living. But he was surprisingly low maintenance when it came time to do his makeup. We did his usual full coverage base, some bronzer, and lots of highlight. But for the most part, it was pretty natural-

Photo: Ethan Gully
Talent: Bretman Rock
Art Direction: Alex Tan
Producer: Taylor Rae
Styling: Dureen
Agency: MatteBlack

Nike Air Max

Im SO excited to share new work with Nike for their Nike Air Max Day (3/27)
I know i keep saying it, but this shoot was a dream. Everyone really came together, and im so thankful to have worked with a very talented crew. I was really bummed when we wrapped shooting, but seeing the end product, wow. just wow.

Agency: Matte Black
Client: Nike Sportswear
Director: Nolan Wilson Goff
Producer: Taylor Rae
1st AD: Luke Barber

DP: Sean Conte
Editor: Caleb Thiesen
Colorist: Dante Giani
Composer: Hannah Parrott
Sound Designer: Zak Devries
VFX: Brandon Johnson

Production Designer: Jack Reed
Wardrobe Stylist: Dureen Truong
HMU: Crystal Long
HMU Assist: Theresa Reish

1st AC: Austin Puckett
2nd AC / Film Loader: Chad Corhan
Gaffer: Anthony Stivale
Key Grip: Phil Collins

Copywriter: Mitchell Griffith

Nike React

Im so excited to share the new Nike React Campaign featuring some of LA’s go-getters.
This project was a dream to work on, and i could not be more thankful to have worked with an amazing team.

shout out to Alex Tan for bringing me on :)
and shout out to Matte Black :)