Nike Air Max

Im SO excited to share new work with Nike for their Nike Air Max Day (3/27)
I know i keep saying it, but this shoot was a dream. Everyone really came together, and im so thankful to have worked with a very talented crew. I was really bummed when we wrapped shooting, but seeing the end product, wow. just wow.

Agency: Matte Black
Client: Nike Sportswear
Director: Nolan Wilson Goff
Producer: Taylor Rae
1st AD: Luke Barber

DP: Sean Conte
Editor: Caleb Thiesen
Colorist: Dante Giani
Composer: Hannah Parrott
Sound Designer: Zak Devries
VFX: Brandon Johnson

Production Designer: Jack Reed
Wardrobe Stylist: Dureen Truong
HMU: Crystal Long
HMU Assist: Theresa Reish

1st AC: Austin Puckett
2nd AC / Film Loader: Chad Corhan
Gaffer: Anthony Stivale
Key Grip: Phil Collins

Copywriter: Mitchell Griffith