Weekly Glam

This weeks makeup round up!
Happy Taco Tuesday!!!

Just a little update

        Had a conversation with one of my models who encouraged me to post more. I usually wait until I get a full set of photos from a photoshoot, which is usually much later after the actual shoot. And by that time i'm more excited about a current project. Believe me, I actually have a backlog of posts that really need to be published. Anyways what i'm trying to say is, i'll be posting more frequently. :)


I really want to make this space little more personal. I'm finding my voice and I have allot to say.
I want to share more about the beauty and makeup world im in.

I want to know who's reading my blog and looking at my site.
 want to get personal with you.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see? More behind the scenes of projects and photshoots i'm working on? Myabe posts about the beauty products I use? Tutorials/Pictorials? Let me know in the comments below :)