GS Love

Ive been doing allot of work with GSLove recently. I honestly love doing catalogue lol.
Here are a few from the past couple weeks. :)
The make-up on these girls is always really fun, hella glam makeup. Its not something i get to do very often. I do both hair and makeup on these ladies. 

Weekly Glam // Rivi Bikinis

Hey everyone, im finally back in LA and ready to get back to work :)

Here are a few Before & After photos of the makeup I did for the girls over at Rivi Bikinis. I love working with Rivi and their team! I have a vlog up on youtube with a little behind the scenes look into our shoot. I also have a time-laps video of me doing some makeup on the girls too, so check that out.
                                     RIVI BIKINIS // YOUTUBE // MORE BEFORE & AFTERS

Photography: Alex Williams // @Alexwill1ams
Models:@danimdunn //@ashlymcclure // @sophiedoe // @shawnadellaricca