Weekly Glam + Blusher

Hi guys! 
This weeks 'Weekly Glam' is going to be a little different. As you may know I am now producing videos for Blusher, a beauty page on Facebook and IG. For one of our videos I had the chance to do makeup on some lovely co-worker for a contouring video. It was sooo much fun, ive missed doing makeup on other people hahah. 
The Blusher team really came together on this, and im very proud of this video. The video was a little more difficult then we originally thought, and we had a slight learning curve as we gained a new member to the team. But I am very very pleased with the final product.
So, I am sharing the video and also sharing photos of makeup i did on these ladies. You can see my work unedited/unretouched. 

Shot & Edited by Sara Smitty & John Tulp
Overal help: Faye Chuasukonthip
Models: Nira, Michelle, Gabby

H/Mu by meeeeee