We left LA at 3am. Our car loaded with gear, snacks, Haole (the dog) and 4 very sleepy people. This was a half-kinda-sorta impromptu photoshoot. Maya and i knew we were going to the desert, but everything eles kinda fell into place. We somehow convinced our friend, who is a very talented actor and model, to get up at 2:30am and adventure with us to Joshua Tree. Our other friend Chris was visiting us in town, and managed to get him to come with us and shoot video of this little trip. 
Not only did we shoot a million looks, but we checked out allot of cool hiking trails and drove down sketchy dirt roads. It was perfection.  

Photo: Maya Sacks
Model: Sierra Barter
BTS video coming soon

Sierra // Barton Perreira

I LOVE THE FAIR. I love fair food, I like looking at rocks and all the exhibits and I love the atmosphere and the rides, basically all of it. For this shoot we went down to the OC fair and shot a new campaign for Barton Perreira. Im super proud of this video.. Not to mention that we all got to eat elote & funnel cakes <3

Video: Ryan Hackbarth // @rhack
Photos: Dante Costa // @dante_Costa
Model: Sierra // @sierrabarter