Fall Makeup // Blusher

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

This video didn't go 'viral' but 1.2M aint bad. LOL. This was blushers first truly makeup video, and there are allot of reasons why I think the video didnt go 'viral'. But i'm still very happy and proud of this one. 
Shot and edited by my partner in crime Demitri // @lifeasDem


I haven't posted any recent blusher videos lately. This is what I do as my day-job, its a little different from my norm, but i hope you enjoy these videos. <3
I help out with every blusher video thats made, some more then others, here are some of my favorites.

Starting with the Face Masks Video: Im super proud of this video, I did a ton of research and fought really hard to make this one happen. The rose mask is 100% original! I teamed up Demitri and we knocked this one out of the park. For some reason they wanted me to cover my tattoos in this video, since we used a model, a little bit of a bummer, but oh well. 
My friend Maya took some beautiful still for us as well, ill include them here too.


This next one is "hair hacks" It was a really quick one, and allot of fun for us to make. Again Dem and I killed this video <3

Both Videos were shot & edited by my partner in crime Demitri // @lifeasdem

This last one was a real struggle and a great learning opportunity. The blusher team went through many changes during the course of production, too many reshoots to count, and lots of growing pains. But im still very proud of this video and how far it came.
This video was shot by Helen. Edited by John Tulp. Assited by Demitri

Video: Dem // @LifeasDem
Photos: Maya Sacks //@mqsphotography