I had so many good photos of both Sam and Pixie that I decided to separate all of the individual photos into their own blog posts. This is the first shoot that I did with Sam and photographer Jordan.
I actually just spent the last week working with them on a short film. I had an insane week of 3am mornings to catch the sunrises over Joshua tree and Malibu.  I exercised my artsy fartsy skills and did some weird, creative makeup, not to mention the fabulous team of people I worked with. I cant wait to share all of that with you, but in the mean time enjoy this bit of eye candy.

Sam // Pixie

There's just so many good ones.

Photographer: Jordan //  @XingerXanger
Models: Sam Weaving // @Samweaving & Pixie  // @Pixielevinson
Stlying by Sam for OMweekend
Makeup by me :)